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Velocity360 is the most complete and powerful order management, inventory tracking and online shipping software available. Increase efficiency, lower costs and streamline your e-commerce order fulfillment processes by unifying all of your online and commercial sales channels, such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and many more, into one centralized system. A complete e-commerce fulfillment software solution, Velocity360 offers real time inventory tracking so you can make better purchasing decisions and even alert your suppliers when your stock starts to run low. With online shipping capabilities you can generate shipping labels and transmit tracking information to customers faster which means more positive reviews!

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Fulfillment Software Online Order Management
Order Management

Velocity360 lets you simultaneously capture orders from multiple commercial and online e-commerce sales channels like Amazon, Ebay, or your native shopping cart. It dramatically simplifies the process of fulfilling daily orders with the option to use step by step processing or our unique Fast Track feature, you can quickly manage and ship hundreds of orders through one convenient, easy to use, interface. Track orders in various states of readiness and even manage drop shippers with ease.

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Fulfillment Software Real Time Inventory Tracking
Inventory Tracking
In Real Time

Tracking inventory in real time is possible with Velocity360! Instantly see which items are committed to orders, available for sale, on backorder or running low! Selling the same items across different sales channels, and keeping them organzied, is easy with the ability to link all the product codes with the same stock item. You can even create customized locations for storage and track who or what has affected your inventory with the click of a button. Build kit items from your inventory items and even assign different units of measure or UPC codes to your stock items.

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Fulfillment Software Online Shipping
Online Shipping
Made Easy

Shipping packages with major parcel carriers like UPS, Fedex, and USPS has never been faster or easier! With automatic online label generation Velocity360 pulls all the shipping information it needs right from the orders so there is never a need for redundant data entry. You can even generate online pickup requests to bring packages back to your door from remote locations. Provide tracking information for your e-commerce fulfillment orders quicker so your customers stay satisfied and you keep your postive business rating. Velocity360 can even generate bill of ladings for large commercial freight and cross dock shipments.

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Fulfillment Software Shopping Cart Integrations
Channel Integrations
Streamlined Sales Channels

Velocity360 does more then just shopping cart integrations, it lets you unify and streamline all of your commercial and online sales channels making it easier to manage and organize fulfillment orders. With centralized inventory management, you have the ability to associate third party product codes with your stock items so you can quickly track stock movement across every channel. You can even download inventory data to your accounting software or send daily inventory feeds to third party drop shippers. With the ability to link commercial portals such as; Walmart, Target, CVS, Sears and more, Velocity360 lets you manage your business to business orders with ease.

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Fulfillment Software Customer Shipping Notifications
Live Feed
Information Faster

Keep your customers more informed about their orders and shipments with live update notifications that can be sent to their mobile device or email. Customers can view a personalized landing page so they can follow along with every step of the order's life cycle from receipt to shipment. Perfectly tailored around the product fulfillment flow, they can even track their shipments once they've been picked up by the carriers or browse their order history.

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Fulfillment Software Drop Shipping Management
Drop Shipping
Distribute Everywhere

Drop shipping is an easy and effective way to grow your e-commerce business and extend your shipment reach while keeping overhead costs at a minimum. With great features like real time inventory tracking and feeds, blind shipping options, customizable catalogs, and the ability to generate branded packing slips you can provide your partners with innovative and flexible solutions to meet their needs. You can even manage RMA requests and return shipping services quickly and easily.

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