Real Time Updates…

Customer service is a vital aspect of any sucessful business and Velocity360 gives you the ability to keep your customers more informed with real time status updates that can be sent to a mobile device or email. Customers can be directed to a unique landing page where they can view live updates regarding their current order, browse order history and get tracking updates once the package has shipped.

Mobile Broadcasts…

Live feed can do more then just send tracking information and status updates on orders, it can also send important messages, news alerts and custom messages from the system directly to a customer's phone, or email address. While it won't replace true mass marketing software, it can however provide you a quick and effective way of reaching out to your customers.

Features Overview
  • Unique Landing Page w/ Real Time Order Information
  • Broadcasting Capabilities To Mobile Devices
  • Real Time Status Updates On Orders
  • Live Tracking After Initial Shipment