Sell it all…

Velocity360 tracks inventory in a rolling fashion which allows you to see the quantity of items committed to current orders, what's left available and even see how much is on backorder all at the same time. With built in customizable controls to alert you when stock begins to run low, you can sell with more confidence knowing you'll have a buffer for resupplying.

Lot Codes…

Don’t let your stock expire before it can leave the shelf, keep track of your lot codes and expiration dates with Velocity360. Customize the release order of your inventory to maximize the life cycle of your products while reducing losses and waste.


Never lose track of your inventory again with Velocity360’s built in location system and transaction history log. Customize your own locations for storage and track who or what has affected your inventory with the click of a button.

Measure Up…

Products can be packaged in lots of different ways and Velocity360 lets you setup any number of combinations for your items. Six packs, twelve packs or a bakers dozen, associate them all to the same item and dynamically see inventory based on which Unit of Measure you’re working with. You can even assign different UPC codes to each version and track how often each style is ordered in comparison to the others.

Make Me A Kit…

Kits, Composites, or Assemblies, no matter what you call them Velocity360 has you covered. Group items together to form kits, and track how many kits can be produced based on available stock automatically. Never lose the build of materials again, once it's created the system will relieve inventory on the components and keep your total inventory counts up to date.

Integrate This…

With the ability to integrate any number of third party sku or product codes with your items, you can sell across multiple platforms such as Amazon or Ebay without having to setup new items. You can even associate these third party codes to a specific unit of measure to ensure proper shipment of the appropriate quantity.

Ship This Too…

Ship With allows you to create product associations for shipping purposes. When a specific item is ordered, Velocity360 can be setup to automatically include a separate item, in the unit of measure of your choice, on a per order or per item basis. Great for dealing with things like brochures, thank you cards, or product samples.

Features Overview
  • Multiple Item Types (Track Products In Different States of Readiness)
  • Lot Code Tracking w/ Expiration Dates
  • Built In Receiving w/ Time Tracking
  • Product Locations For Storage Organization
  • Customizable Product Categories
  • Real Time Inventory Tracking & Reporting
  • Out of Stock, Low Stock, Surplus & Back Order Alerts
  • Customizable Product Codes & Descriptions
  • Multiple Sku Association For Online Retailers – Amazon, Ebay, etc.
  • Ability To Track Damages
  • Ability To Place Inventory On Hold
  • On The Fly Inventory Adjustments w/ Transaction History Log
  • Product Images
  • On The Fly Item Cloning
  • Quickbooks Inventory Integration
  • Shopping Cart Inventory Integration via API, XML, etc
  • Dynamic Kit Assembly
  • Low Level & Overstock Thresholds
  • Optional Min Order Qty & Max Order Qty Per Items
  • Multi Unit Of Measure Association Per Product
  • Ship With Product Association
  • Ability To Create Restricted Items